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Performance Capture


This project, currently in R&D, is exploring different approaches to live performance capture, with the intention of producing an interactive theatrical experience featuring live actors taking place in virtual reality. 

Question and Answer Phone


Developed for the Bit:time project by Signals Media and later commission by Basildon Council, the Q and A phones are an interactive and portable art installation. Users are asked questions by the phones and encouraged to leave response for others to hear. The phones have travelled across the county asking a vast array of questions and collecting a huge variety of responses.

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Avatar Project


Created for the Flipside festival at firstsite gallery, the Avatar project let audience members take full control of a humanoid avatar and direct it through the space. A video game controller was used to direct the avatar to move through the space, interact with people and objects and speak commands. 

Battle Robots


Prior events have taken place at The Mercury Theatre, New Wolsey Theatre and Signals Media Arts Centre. Participants have one day to build and test a battle ready robot and compete in a series of different challenges to be crowned the winning robot.

Landguard Fort Audio Installation 


Working with Artist Anna Brownstead, LimboTech was responsible for designing and building motion activated audio devices, which triggered different soundscapes to play as members of the public entered various spaces.

Doors Project


Commissioned by firstsite Gallery, LimboTech was responsible for realising the vision of the Gallery's YAK (Young Art Kommunity) group. Ten interact artworks were designed and built. We used RFID techology, motion activated curtains, live streaming and touch activated door locks to create a challenging and fun installation. 

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