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We offer bespoke and stock mocap assets for film and video games, we designed many of the elements of our mocap solution so are able to customise or adapt the pipeline as needed.


We keep overheads as low as possible enabling us to offer services at a very competitive rate. So whether it is for entertainment, the arts, leisure or gaming purposes, please get in touch for a quote for your motion capture requirements.


We began our Motion Capture journey when we were developing our own in house VR experience, after a lengthy and expensive process of hand animating our characters, we began investigating motion capture solutions to speed up this work flow. Sadly, everything on the market was either too expensive or didn't produce good enough results. Through much experimentation we landed on a solution that ticked all our boxes, producing amazing results, simple to implement and using a combination of IMU sensors and optical tracking. 


Based on the latest VR motion Tracking methods our approach enables realtime rendering and capturing, perfect for live performances. The whole system can be packed up into a suitcase which is great for portability. Every aspect of the software is fully customisable as it works directly in a game engine, meaning its highly adaptable and personalised. 


Our motion capture service has been highly popular with independent video game companies, film makers and multidisciplined artists who are looking for an affordable, accurate and assessable motion capture solution. 


We're currently using our motion capture solution to innovate and design some amazing tools including a live music visualisation software, an AR theatre app and VR training and education experiences.


  • Transportable 

  • Fits any body type 

  • Accurate and reliable data 

  • Live rendering 

  • Simultaneous Face, hands and body tracking 

  • Full character design and rigging services 

  • Great Value

  • Zero Latency tracking



"Phantom envisions a corrupted sub-section within a videogame, which self-manifests creating a glitching digital realm, formed outside of human design and intention."


We were approached by Sian Fan an interdisciplinary artist, to capture a range of motion for virtual exhibition curated by Site Gallery. 

For this project we created a fully rigged and textured digital double of the artist along with the motion capture data. The client was keen for the data to appear 'corrupted' and 'glitchy' at points which we were able to achieve during the recording. Sian has this to say about the process:

"Working with LimboTech’s mocap really transformed my creative process. As an artist working with movement and performance it allowed me to maintain the physical nature of choreographing, whilst transporting my movements into the digital realm. It was a real pleasure working with Dave, who handled all of the technical elements and was super patient and understanding of my creative process. He made me feel super comfortable during the shoot and was really open to exploring all my out there ideas!" 


Sian Fan - Interdisciplinary Artist 

Want to see more examples of how we have worked with other clients? Take a look at our BLOG page to see more of our work.



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