LimboTech provides a range of services themed around creativity and Digital Technology. We have partnered with a range of creatives and institutions, to produce innovative, interactive and exciting inventions that entertain, inspire and educate. LimboTech specializes in working with Motion Capture, VR & AR, Interactive artwork and also heads up its own education division providing workshops focused around making computer science fun, creative and accessible.


LimboTech's range of Digital Technology services aim to enable creatives to achieve their artistic visions by providing technical expertise, support and advice. We have partnered with visual artists, theatre makers, galleries and museums to augment their current practice with new technologies. We also develop our own in-house innovations focused around engaging, exciting and interactive ways of experiencing cutting edge technologies.


We have worked extensively with clients across the education, arts, media, leisure and gaming sectors, offering training and creative digital product development solutions. As a small business we are able to keep costs highly competitive whilst offering the very latest technology and expertise. Our recent client list includes:





Motion capture, or Mocap, as it is often abbreviated to, has moved from high-tech gaming and Hollywood blockbuster movies to the main stream. In short, it is the process of capturing the movement and performance of a person or animal to be turned into a digital character. Most famously, this was used by Film Director Peter Jackson and actor Andy Serkis as Gollum in the multi-award winning Lord of the Rings Trilogy. We developed our Motion Capture technology for a client project in early 2020 and it has rapidly taken over as the main focus of our client work. Visit our dedicated Mocap page to find out more or get in touch to discuss how our Mocap technology could work for you project. 


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