Get hands on with this fantastic physical computing device, an exciting mix of programming and electrical engineering 
Robotics Workshop


What tools will we use

"Robotics is the study of robot technology that makes use of disciplines such as: dynamic system modelling and analysis, mathematics, physics, biology, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer science and engineering, and automation technology." Direct Science website. Our robotics workshop is based on the BBC Microbit micro controller which is powerful and beginner friendly.

The Workshop

Learn how to assemble all the components to build your own robot and write code to bring your project to life. Test your creation in a number of different challenges: battling robots, speed racing, crossing difficult terrain and cleaning robots.  


Equipment and Software

We can provide enough robot kits for up to 18 participants at a time. The only thing you'll need to provide is 1 laptop/PC for every 2 participants.

   What will I learn?

  • Coding fundamentals and possibilites

  • Develop creativity, logic and critical thinking

  • Discover exciting real world application of mathematics

  • Understanding of electrical circuits

  • Gain the knowledge to kick-start your own projects at home

Workshop Packages

Introduction workshop

(2-3 hours)

Work in a team to design and build a robot and test it out in a range of robotic challenges 

One day workshop

(6 hours)

Gain a in-depth understanding programming for robotics, explore the different types of motors and digital communication. Work in a team to design and build a robot and test it out in a range of robotic challenges 

Robotics academy

(3 days)

become proficient it writing code for your own robotics creations, experiment and iterate different designs and build robots to address real world problems. 

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